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Hello and a Warm Welcome.

Hello thank you for stopping by and checking out my website/start-up business gallery, I'm excited to start this website because I've been dreaming about doing it but kept being set back or something other but here it is, here it begins!! Haha.

First, what you will find here is just a bunch of either photographs that I've taken on my random "Journey" (someone out there knows I used why this word here) anywhoo, you know what time it is.... haha sorry couldn't help myself....

Yes a good amount of my photography is usually not altered with Photoshop or anything like that (Not really a fan) I'm more of a person that likes a really raw and I mean RAW picture that shows nature's true beauty at it's most natural without having to "cosmetically enhance it" but everyone has there preferences and this one is mine every here and there I'll use a basic filter such as like example black and white I'll mess maybe with the camera settings to make it brighter or darker things like that. Feel free to browse around if you see something you like let me know I'd Love the feed back only makes me want to go out and do more adventures thanks again and photographs will be up soon!! Have a wonderful and blessed Morning, Day,

and night!!

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